Your name is LYSIOS PODECA.


As evidenced by the AQUARIUMS that can be seen in basically every corner of your hive, you adore AQUATIC FAUNA and keep thousands of specimens with you. Most of your free time, which is basically all the time, a privilege that has been afforded to you as a member of the INDIGO ARISTOCRACY, is spent fervently studying them and maintaining their habitats. You also spend your time COLLECTING BEETLES with your NETKIND SPECIBUS in the lush swathes surrounding your hive, which you deliver to your AQUATIC MOIRAIL in exchange for more marine creatures to populate the miniature ecosystems you maintain. It is just one of the plethora of benefits of your strong partnership with him, which feels as if it was and will continue to be a constant upon THOUSANDS OF YOUR INCARNATIONS. It was simply meant to be. Along with him, you also love talking to your other buddies through TROLLIAN, and despite seeming reserved, you can be QUITE THE CHATTERBOX through the medium of typing. You always love to shoot the breeze with them, and can spend hours yammering their ears off when the mood strikes you.

Among your other interests, you are fond of the light refracting properties of PRISMS. In fact, you are so much of a fan that your FETCH MODUS is PRISM THEMED. Along with looking cool, it also has the benefit of a preposterous amount of INVENTORY SPACE to account for the minute differences in the wavelengths... which seems a little broken, but it's not like you mind. You also consider yourself a disciple of the famed SLASHEMATICIAN, BENOIT MANDEL. He is famous on your home planet not only for pioneering the frontier of fractal geometry, but using it to devise blueprints for INFINITELY RECURSIVE TORTURE DEVICES. Typical Alternian deal. Many trolls would think you odd, but you're not that interested in his gorier pursuits. Torture makes you squeamish.

As much as you adore constantly being up to your nook in your research, tending to all of your business with just two hands is HARD WORK, so you have engineered a solution with the help of some UNFATHOMABLY HUGE TENTACLED CONFIDANTS who have been WHISPERING TO YOU IN YOUR DREAMS since you were very young. The four inky tentacles, or arms, as you would be quick and pedantic to correct, may or may not have somehow permanently grafted to your back over time, leaving you with LIMBS EIGHTFOLD. You don't really care though, since it aids significantly in multi-tasking. You do have to admit that they do make you look like kind of a freak, but you've never really cared much for conformity. You're pretty sure the only thing preventing you from getting culled for your newly-acquired deformity is your position on the hemospectrum.

Your trolltag is astacusCuriosity and you speak くコ:彡 with a sᛚightᛚy unusuaᛚ ᛚiᛚt and a rhythm. Charactεrizεd by abrupt pausεs. Aᛚthough thε tεndεncy to go on in run-on sεntεnces is just as ᛚikεᛚy to strikε your fancy which ᛚεads to two contradictory εxtrεmεs which in thεir εvεntuaᛚity εnd up surmising your pεrsonaᛚity quitε concisεᛚy you think

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