i built a PC!

What’s up neocitizens! Its finally time for the first blog post in aaages. Turns out being employed and a college student siphons out all of your will and energy and free time to do stupid things like write blog posts on the internet. I have a lot of things to write about but the first thing that came to mind was talking about my little PC building project! Due to actually having a source of income this year, I have finally actualized this dream I have had for like 5 years lol.

Here it is! Painted to resemble my likeness :P (DON’T come at me for the cable management… i know it’s bad ok…)

I’ve never had a powerful computer before and finally being able to play games like Fortnite without a hitch has been really fun… I also sort of use it as a server with a 4tb hard drive for all of my media. Not being limited by hardware makes me feel like some sort of OP computer wizard. I can actually open blender… and it DOESN’T INSTANTLY CRASH!!! MUAHAHA!

Of course, it wasn’t an easy journey… I broke the front panel because my brother thinks it had some kind of factory defect and it shattered into a bazillion pieces in his bedroom x( I got a new one but cleaning up all that tempered glass suuuucked.

Next hitch was my operating system... I decided to try out Linux (pop if you’re curious which distro… yes it is the noob one but i was not about to start playing with arch. That is a force I cannot comprehend.) because I didn’t want to pay for Windows and I’ve always wanted to give it a go outside of my brief experience with Ubuntu, but quickly realized that even with compatibility layers… it just wasn’t ideal for a Gaming PC despite how much I really enjoyed it from a UI and customizability perspective (not to mention how lightweight linux is without all that bloat that windows has). I even got used to the command terminal in just a day! However between anticheats not liking the linux kernel and really hating the web versions of the microsoft office suite which I need for school I pulled the plug on it and just switched to Windows (sorry). I would do a dual boot but ehh I could use the SSD space. HOWEVER! This doesn’t mean my journey with Linux is over! My parents have a fuckton of old laptops lying around that I want to try booting some distros onto so theyre actually somewhat usable again. Reduce reuse recycle and allat

And then of course like a month down the line the problems didn’t stop. CPU header got unplugged due to the devilish nest of cables festering in there so it started crashing and i was like fauck the CPU must not be seated properly… so I removed the cooler, checked and saw the CPU was totally fine, and only then did I notice the unplugged wire. Ahhh. Basically what I’m getting at is that there will always be some otherworldly force (or your own incompetence) fucking up your shit and making it so things don’t go to plan. Expect the unexpected -_-

P.S. here are my specs if you’re a nerd who cares about that:

I’m also using an auraflow cpu cooler, lian li case fans, and a corsair 4000d case shit is ICE COLD in there. Not necessary though…

I couldn’t have done this without my machine nerd little brother who helped me put it all together. He made it a lot less daunting! Thanks man :)

Anyway, if you’re thinking of building a PC but you’re scared that you’ll mess shit up: Don’t be. It’s honestly really fun to use something on a daily basis that you frankensteined together and it gives you a sense of satisfaction that yeah.. I did that! You can also definitely do this for a lot cheaper than I did! Don’t be afraid to recycle parts from your current machines. Old cases can still seat new motherboards (with a few modifications) and they’ll work just fine. You can also hunt for secondhand parts (motherboards are usually good to buy second hand) and get shit for way cheaper (and with less waste)!

peace out guys, coming atcha with more posts maybe soon?

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