what's up neocitizens! just felt like sharing some happy news with strangers on the internet, for fun i guess. just got my ged today so my diploma's coming in the mail! yay! on my way to college to do my associates :D i'm honestly so glad i managed to pull this off even if it was a pain in the ass because that's a huge burden off my shoulders and i can move on with my life. ok yeah yeah that's fine and all but the real hype around here is SPLAT3 BABY! love the new idols so much (#bigmansweep all the way. cmon now. not to say that frye and shiver arent awesome too though). the new specials and salmon run bosses also look nuts and also THEY ADDED BACK MY FAVORITE INK COLOR AND MAP FROM SPLAT 1 (which would be mahi mahi and the turquoise ink)! nintendo did that just for me. i'm so goddamn excited i've placed my preorder and i am waiting on bated breath for september for it to show up at my doorstep. also also i'm seeing black midi and bcnr live!!! itll be my first real concert ever and i'm so excited since i love both of those bands

also to celebrate my official fucking off from high school i dyed my hair blue. you know, like some sort of guy who has pronouns, or even a squidkid if you are so inclined

(artist's rendition)

p.s. i SWEAR i am working on that hylics post eventually even if it has been several months in the works but im replaying hylics 2 just to get back in the groove of it and get the juices flowing. just trust me bro

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