hey there neocitizens! long time no see. just felt like giving you all a little update to make up for the month of basically radio silence. boy has this summer been busy! at least i'm (for the most part) settled in my new house but i will unfortunately be getting pretty familiar with it since my family has immediately come down with covid. not much else i can do :p

anyway, with the big move out of the way there's a lot for me to think about. of course my enormous stack of fleshworld obligations are coming first, but i'm planning a couple of media reviews (maybe just rambling? idk. reviews makes me sound like i know what i'm talking about) for the near future. i talked about that hylics blogpostback in june... and then proceeded to never write it. count on me to never deliver on anything i promise! ah well. it'll get there when it gets there along with whatever other site updates i want to play with.

as for other exciting things, i met up with my best friend in late june! honestly some of the happiest three days of my life and i am so grateful we got to do that. luckiest guy in the world right here!!

alright, sorry for the short little intercom but i am POOPED right now. i'll get to replying to emails eventually but i have kind of been through the wringer so no promises on that being any time soon >_>; (for those who don't know, my new email address is cephalon7000@cyber-wizard.com)

catch you all on the flip side!

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