yahoo! don't like talking too much about it but yknow fuck it i'm letting myself have this. out and proud as trans for three years and counting now! gotta say as the years have gone by i've only gotten more comfortable in my own skin, and it's looking like it'll only get exponentially better. wish i could tell my younger self that it'll get better and i'll find myself. it's kind of a bummer that i didn't get to start hrt like i thought i would be able to this year due to some personal issues that came up at the start of the year but hopefully i'll be able to start t soon. in the meantime though i'm waving my little pink white and blue flag.

on a less happy note, it's pretty scary to see what's going on in regards to the wave of regressive anti-trans and anti-abortion legislation across the states right now, particularly in arizona, where i will be moving to this summer. it's always that struggle of trying to keep up with everything to be a good informed citizen and realizing 'oh shit this actually really sucks' and everything sort of crushing you. it sucks to feel so powerless, especially when corporate pride is being toted around simultaneously at every corner. just makes me feel like :/

well, anyway, happy pride month, especially to any trans, nonbinary, or otherwise genderqueer people reading this! i am high-fiving you right now through the screen because we are so cool and we got this.