wahoo!!! lots of exciting things for me. i failed most of my classes this semester i was doing with an online program unfortunately (boooo) (the program itself was shit so i'm half-blaming it and half-blaming my awful executive function. Fuck you Edementum!!!!!!!!!!).

but the good news is that i'm aiming to take my GED this summer so i can go to community college a year early in the fall!!! one of my millions of problems with high school is that i can hardly retain any attention for the course material so i rely on a good teacher to get me through the slog, but when left to my own devices i get BORED OUT OF MY FREAKING MIND AND DON'T DO SHIT! yeah yeah bad work ethic but i'd rather be learning about something new and challenging for once, you know? the good thing is that with community college i'll actually be able to take classes that either interest me or help me work toward my associates so i can transfer to a university. i'm feeling optimistic! just one huge tedious standardized test and then (hopefully) i can say adios to high school FOREVER!!!! it won't be missed one bit.

another piece of exciting news is that i might be meeting my best friend this summer!!!! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that my parents stick to the road trip so i can meet him in person for the very first time. it will hopefully be one meetup of many! shoutout to keaton if you are reading this B)

finally, we're moving sometime this summer as well, which i have been very apprehensive about, but it'll hopefully be the start of a new, more hopeful chapter in my life. if all goes to plan i'll be settled as a college student and doing my own thing.

also, i wrote an email to my old history teacher from the high school i attended last semester about my plan, who might be one of the nicest people i have ever met. excitedly waiting for her response :D