big interests and hobbies


especially carcinology (the study of crustaceans)! i'm sure it's no secret by now if you've poked around this website long enough (notably the haeckel site background. love the art, not so big on the eugenics -_-) this has been my lifelong passion and i adore researching about animals, particularly marine ones. i also enjoy learning about marine ecology and oceanography to a lesser extent, although i know far less on these subjects. it is my dream to pursue a career in marine zoology in the future, and i'm hoping with all my heart i'll get there one day! also, i hope to begin a hobby in aquaria soon, with the goal being to start rearing shrimp and dwarf crayfish in planted tanks :D

creative writing + worldbuilding

while i don't engage as much with this as i once did, i adore creating stories and characters and worlds for them to inhabit. i mostly engage with this hobby through roleplaying these days. i love my characters dearly and think about them every day.

digital art

i also draw sometimes, mostly for said creative pursuits i detailed above. i mainly draw with a wacom intuos bt m tablet and clip studio paint, but i also use other programs like paint and kidpix from time to time when the mood strikes me. i really enjoy the charm of shitty and unpolished art in these programs.


i just like to casually indulge my own thoughts about epistemology and metaphysics because i have my head 8 feet up my own ass like that. jokes aside i like reading about this stuff, particularly buddhist, taoist, and hindu philosophy. i also enjoy learning about gnosticism. i consider myself religious but i'm sort of just doing my own thing about it. alongside this i enjoy reading about the philosophy of science (particularly bioethics. sometimes overlaps with my zoology interest).

comp sci/web design

well, obviously, since you're on my website :P! i was introduced to the wonderful world of web design at the ripe age of 11 on a little website called animal jam clans wiki (iykyk) so my very first coding language that i became semi-knowledgeable in was uh. wikitext. which if you don't know is like html but if it was fucked up. unfortunately i find that my coding know-how is very much a "use it or lose it" deal so i am honestly extremely forgetful and generally have to relearn a bunch of things whenever my passion is reignited for a stint. i find it super fun and rewarding but it's just a hobby for me. i would like to learn more though!

some stuff i like


hollow knight, hylics, gmod, spore, loz botw, splatoon, terraria, minecraft, ori and the blind forest, okami, dead cells, 3d mario, the mother series, super monkey ball, tropix, lsd dream emulator, psx lain, pokémon (gen 7 fan for life), toontown (corporate clash/rewritten) + a whole other host of other old kids browser mmorpgs (animal jam, fusionfall, club penguin, poptropica, etc.) (i'm sure you could gather already though from my website's sound design)


infinity train, gravity falls, homestar runner (would you call this a show?), ed edd n eddy, hunter x hunter, space dandy, mp100, made in abyss, serial experiments lain, jojo (especially diu), nge, twin peaks, what we do in the shadows, the aquabats super show, spirited away, yellow submarine, dreams, anything by satoshi kon


oingo boingo, MF DOOM, kitty craft, candy claws, the microphones, streetlight manifesto, tricot, death grips, they might be giants, the aquabats, talking heads, the garden, modest mouse, glass beach, machine girl, dan deacon, injury reserve, gorillaz, twinkle park, a tribe called quest, the avalanches, STOMACH BOOK, the go! team, animal collective/avey tare, NANORAY, daft punk, the scary jokes, black midi, talkshow boy, mr. scruff, black country new road, car seat headrest, squid, yin yin


homestuck (regrettably)️, nature of nature's art, fresh meat/drop off, preeny has to repeat 6th grade, crow cillers

i'm always willing to take up new recommendations! i love webcomics. particularly furry webcomics, if you haven't already gathered. if you have any you think i'd like, let me know!