welcome to my website!

greetings fellow internet denizen! welcome to my personal website that i made to work on my html/css skills and just have fun. i'm having a blast learning and patching together my own website, and can't recommend it enough! i hope you have a fun time exploring my little digital labyrinth, however long your stay may be :-)

!!!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! this site contains autoplay sounds whenever you hover over certain elements so don't get jumpscared if you hear a funny sound effect



im going to get rid of the changelog because it was a cute idea when i started but i literally cannot be assed to update it anymore so im just putting this here to announce the fact that im moving all change notes to site comments. also idk what to put here if you have any ideas let me know id appreciate it. working on updating the gallery but im thinking of just hosting on imgur so i dont eat up my storage but that would literally be SO ANNOYANG to do so not rn.


added links, even more sound effects, and an entry page for the sake of giving people a bit of warning before they are bombarded with high concentrations of comic mischief.


gallery is now live! check it out. still working on uploading art. also added some obnoxious cartoon sound effects to the navbar hover for shits and giggles :P


rearranged the index EVEN MORE because i am this universe's most indecicive motherfucker (removed gifypet, relocated changelog, more stamps/buttons/blinkies) and merged buddies with links (they still get a special section!). i think i'll settle on this for now because nothing's bothering me yet. also keep your eyes peeled for a new blog post coming soon where i ramble about hylics! god i love hylics.


links page is now live (albeit a little sparse at the moment)! feel free to browse the cool sites and link me on your page with my cool new button. also i removed the chatbox since the widget keeps breaking which is annoying as hell so i replaced it with a decorative (not-so-decorative?) button collection. hope none of you miss it too much, but it was a little redundant with the guestbook anyway.


AWESOME UPDATE!!! changed the layout to include sidebars (rip mobile friendly scaling but who CARES) and imported a new font for the headers and buttons to look more awesomer. also changed some css styling and added some little things like a footer. pizazzed up my about page too.


added the changelog (lol) and shifted around the front page a bit. thinking of ideas for more pages to add? scrapped the gallery because i was getting frustrated that thumbnails weren't working for some reason, and it would probably eat up my 1gb of storage real fast to host all the images. in the end i decided it's kind of redundant for now considering i already archive everything on a tumblr account anyway and i don't plan on deleting it quite yet. HOWEVER! not to fear, as i plan on uploading my VERY FIRST WEBCOMIC HERE!!! exciting stuff. entirely nonfunctional button has been added accordingly.

stamp collection